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Vape Juice NZ is an versatile online vape juice and e-liquid supply store based in New Zealand. We have a large selection of e-juice flavors to choose from. We also have various nicotine strengths ranging from zero all the way up to high strength 25 mg. We can ship to anywhere and everywhere in New Zealand, and overseas, offering thousands of folks in New Zealand and abroad an easy way to quit smoking. Visit our shop to look through our extensive premium e-juice catalog and choose one you fancy. We have some pretty nice flavors.

Vape Juice NZ also has a good amount of important info on electronic cigarettes and vaping. You can find that in the blog area. See the blog area to read some interesting stories on vaping, why it is so good for you as opposed to smoking, troubleshooting guides and more. If you’re new to vaping and e-cigarettes and are a current smoker I highly recommend you read the article on how to quit smoking by using e-cigarettes.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for any reason at all. See the contact page. I am pleased to help with any concern or inquiry you might have.

I really hope you like our website, and that you find an e-juice you like. It is my bet that you will find a n e-juice flavor in our selection that will become your favorite. Don’t forget we have all sorts of sizes, all sorts of nicotine strengths and all sorts of flavors so you are bound to find one or even many that you enjoy. Ohh… and we boast some of the cheapest prices in New Zealand as well.

PS: although this is primarily an online vape juice shop that I run from my home in Little River (just outside of Christchurch), I am happy to supply e-liquids on the premises to locals who might like to stop by.

All the BEST!

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