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Debunking The Myths Associated With E-juice and Vaping

E-cigarette and e-juice have grown to 
become a 2.5 billion industry in just 7 short years. The reason for that is they 
are a safer alternative to smoking and they offer a much wider range of 
flavours than the traditional cigarettes. Read our article about the vaping industry in general.

As with anything new coming to the market, 
there are those (I am looking at you tobacco industry) who will do all in their 
power to stop it from realizing its true potential.

One way they do this is by coming up with 
and popularizing myths about the product they would like to see fail. There are 
a lot of myths about e-juice and twice as much as hard facts.



ingredients are a mystery

You must have heard this before…

“nobody knows what goes into e-juice and 
you could be taking poison”

The reality that you can easily find out 
exactly what is in the e-juice you are buying and it is usually no more than 4 

So, what exactly are e-juice ingredients? 

  • Vegetable glycerine, (VG) the certified organic 
kind, is the primary ingredient and is responsible for the vape itself.
  • Propylene glycol, one that a lot of 
alarmist like to confuse with diethylene glycol, is the second ingredient you 
will find in your e-juice. Propylene glycol (PG) is used for carrying 
the flavour and can be used in most asthma inhalers.
  • Flavorings. These can either be organic and natural or artificial based. Flavorings are usually made with a PG base.
  • Pharmaceutical-grade nicotine is the last 
ingredient and depending on your preference you can chose an e-juice that 
contains precisely 0 of it.

Read our more in depth article on e-liquid ingredients.


contains antifreeze

This is by far my favourite myth about 
e-juice as it so absurd that I can see why people might believe it. After all, 
who could make up a lie as fact-less as that one. (looking at you again tobacco 
industry). It is not Propylene glycol that is the main 
ingredient of antifreeze but rather diethylene glycol. And while SOME 
antifreeze manufacturers do use Propylene glycol it is to make safer if 
accidently swallowed.


produces toxic vapour that is just as bad as second-hand smoking

This one I can understand. The vapour from 
e-cigarettes can look sinister and to an untrained eye it can look like a toxic 
cloud. There is one simple fact that will put your 
mind at ease regarding this myth. It is vapour. And what does vapour do? It 
vaporizes. So, if you do inhale some of it all you will be inhaling are water 
molecules. If it makes it easier for you, think about 
it this way. E-juice produces clouds that you can safely inhale.


nicotine in your e-juice will give you cancer

Nicotine has long been associated with 
cancer but after countless conducted studies, scientists have come to one undisputable 
conclusion. There is no link between nicotine and 
cancer. It is the other chemicals in cigarettes that can cause cancer, but not 
nicotine itself. Nicotine is addictive though (just like 
coffee) and it is understandable that you might not want it in your e-juice. 
That is why there are so many e-juices that contain no nicotine whatsoever. Learn more about the nicotine in eliquids.


is just as bad for you as cigarettes and it is more addictive

People who know their e-juice and enjoy 
them regularly understand their bodies just as well. They are living, breathing 
proofs that e-juice is not harmful and nowhere nearly as addictive as is 


Sometimes we don’t know our bodies as well 
as we like to think so can we trust this?

Luckily, there are a number of studies that 
clearly prove that e-juice is not harmful to your body and that you won’t get 
so easily addicted to it. They are listed at the end of this article.


about e-juice

can help you quit smoking

This fact is the one which alarmists like 
to try and disprove the most as it clearly shows the benefits of using e-juice 
if you are trying to quit smoking. Try as hard as they may, studies have shown 
that using e-cigarettes in combination with e-juice will help deal with 
cravings for a regular cigarette and they do wonders for the withdrawals 
symptoms. See exactly how to quit smoking with e-cigarettes.


E-juice is so good because it is the 
easiest path towards you being able to call yourself an ex-smoker.

can actually be good for you

This is a fact that a lot of people have hard 
time swallowing as smoke coming out of one’s mouth has long been associated 
with disease. You need to remember that it’s not smoke but rather vapour.

As to how e-juice might be good for your 
health and why e-juice is good for your health, there is a simple answer. It 
will help you to stop smoking. The dangers of regular tobacco cigarettes have 
long been known as are the health problems. When you stop smoking, you reduce 
the risk of all of them and this is precisely how e-juice is good for your and 
your health. See our awesome range of healthy e-juices.


is not bad for you

E-juice has been targeted by a number of 
smear campaigns and they all have one thing in common. They are based around 
the fact that e-juice is unnatural (unlike tobacco which is nature incarnate) 
and that it is bad for you.

The reality is that e-juice does not pose 
any significant threat to your health and one study has shown that e-cigarettes 
are 95% percent less harmful to your health that normal cigarettes.

The alternative to using e-juice, smoking, 
is scientifically proven as very bad for your health. Luckily here in New Zealand, the government has realized just how good e-cigarettes can be and have endorsed them as a further tool in their mission to make New Zealand smoke free by the year 2020. You might like to read our article on vaping in New Zealand.


is much cheaper

The negative effects on your health 
associated with tobacco products have been known for years now and that has not 
stopped millions of people consuming them on a daily basis. Some are just happy 
to run the risk of cancer and feel that smoking is worth it.

If you do feel that way and need more 
motive to switch to e-juice, there is one thing you should know. E-juice is 
much, much cheaper.

It is hard to precisely calculate how much 
cheaper e-juice is because it all depends on how much you smoke a day and where 
you live.

What can be said with a level of certainty 
is that average smokers spend around $2,569 a year on their addiction. Do the 
math yourself.



E-juice and vaping has been subjected to a 
lot of criticism in the last couple of years and for no good reason. All the 
information presented in this article is factually based and can be verified.














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