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Problems With E-Cigarettes and Possible Solutions

Back when I owned an e-cigarette shop (Vapor Cigarettes NZ Ltd.) I used to get a great deal of questions concerning e-cigarette issues. In this article I have listed common issues and then offering possible solutions.


Common Issues with Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigarette problems differ from vaporizers not running effectively, cleansing problems, batteries getting flat, electronic cigarette tanks dripping, as well as other vapor cigarette problems. This is why I have actually created this report addressing all the feasible issues with electronic cigarettes as well as options on the best ways to deal with these problems.

Listed below is the brand-new vapor cigarette damage control overview that should address many e-cigarette problems. This overview should be valuable for any type of basic electronic cigarette version problems.


Vapor Cigarette Troubleshooting Guide

Standard Designs Evod and Ego Novice Tips

I want to begin with a great wee video clip that describes all the essentials whenever taking care of your very first brand-new vape set. This initial video clip is for you new guys that have actually only bought your very first ego ce5 or evod mt3 starter package. The awesome turquoise haired lady is making use of an evod mt3 as well as an ego ce4 as instances, yet if you have the ce5, these pointers still use precisely.


Possible E-Cig Issues

1/ Atomizer/Coil

* Grubby Circuitry: One of the most typical factors that an e cig will not run is that the contacts are grubby. Either the battery port end and also the atomizer adapter end have to be cleaned up correctly each day.

  • Squash up a little tissue in order to run through a cleaner ( like isopropyl alcohol or comparable).
  • Spin and also rotate the cloth within the port finishes, cleaning the connector location. This can abrade and also get rid of all the grit and also gook.
  • After, make use of some dry material to clean up a lot more and also dry the location totally.

Usually doing this will get your electronic cigarette firing again.


Fundamental Ego Design Electronic Cigarette Concerns

In the video clip overhead a youthful vape guy discusses several of the much more usual concerns an ego design vapor cigarette could have. He after that provides remedies and also suggestions on ways to correct these aggravations. (He calls the coil … “the core” for one reason or another, yet we understand just what he means. :-RRB-).


* Coil Concerns: One more typical concern that an e cig has is the coil. Coils will conveniently wear out, and also in time they will at some point wear out anyhow. Coils could blow out if you attempt vaping if there is zero e-liquid in the tank. Dry vaping could create the system to have a grimy flavour. Coils are very easy to substitute and also really low-cost. We offer coils for the majority of our vaporizers for around $5-00 each. Ninety-nine per-cent of time a fresh coil substitute will certainly get your e cig working fresh once again. Read about how to vape correctly as to lower any chances of dry hits, and to keep your coil clean.

Prior to substituting a coil, you could consider cleaning up the original coil.

  • To achieve this, loosen the coil from the clearomizer. (You might must loosen the clearomizer point. Loosen the coil device from the clearomizer head.).
    Ok, and now run the coil device as well as the various other sections via warm water, and afterwards snap dry.
  • After, check very carefully at the coil and also observe any kind of grime accumulation that may probably have accumulationed between the wick. Or (if has no wick ) exactly where the coil threads trigger. This accumulation is just what is obstructing your air-flow, forbiding you from fetching a great vape. In some cases, it is only too difficult to get rid of the grimy small lumps. If that holds true, it will certainly be much safer as well as much easier to only get a fresh coil device. A baking powder as well as vinegar service (see video clip further down this write-up) and also the flowing water might have loosened up the carbon build up sufficient for you to displace it. Attempt blowing air at it, touching it at the table top, or perhaps nudging as well as prying at it with a pin. See if you could crack it apart from the coil, yet beware, do not break it. You can conveniently damage the coil connections inadvertently.
  • Right now run underneath warm water once again and also rub dry .
  • Blow as strong as you could via the air shaft to obtrude any kind of persisting bits as well as liquid.
    Completely dry as well as rub clear all the various other pieces and also tighten all the things back with each other once more.
  • Right now, prior to filling with e-liquid there is another matter to undertake. Affix a completely recharged battery to the freshly cleansed atomize head as well as push the turn on switch. Hold back the switch and also pay attention to the hissing pitch. This is the moisture and also any type of remaining particles being burnt up and also vaporizing. Continue pushing the switch up until the hissing sound recedes. (You may additionally do this dry burning strategy just before you have tightened each thing all together. Perfectly tighten the battery to the atomizer and also click the switch. By doing this you will certainly have the ability to in fact see the coil line glowing. Maintain pushing the switch till you are able to see the lines shimmering.).
  • Right now fill up your e-cig tank to midway as well as see if it operates. If when all that it still will not run, substitute the coil entirely.
    If you’re really smart, you could take the coil apart as well as substitute the line as well as wicks. I will not clarify that right here as well as right now. That’s one more guide.


* White Vinegar and Sodium bicarbonate Cleansing Idea:.

  • Loosen all the pieces of your atomizer head and also electronic cigarette ( every little thing that you can uncouple). Position them all other than the battery right into a superficial saucer.
  • Right now shower a tsp of baking soda powder in each the pieces. Put the stuff in every one of the openings and also every place.
  • Then pour a little vinegar right into the dish covering up the sections. Look as the fluid blisters and also foams up .
  • This is a superb detergent, so whirl the mixture all around throughout the bits up until it settles.
  • Now rinse off the pieces via running warm water and also clean with a dry towel.
  • Keep pieces in a dry area for a couple of hrs up until totally dry.
  • Tighten every thing back all together and then test your unit once more.

Utilize this clean-up suggestion any time your tool requires a very good wash.


See the video clip just above to view ways to make clean your electronic cigarette sections with a sodium bicarbonate and white vinegar remedy.


2/ Battery:

* Totally Charge The Battery:

  • Make certain the battery has actually been completely recharged for at least 3 to 5 hrs.
  • Do not excessively charge the battery. It will instantly flip itself off right after it is totally recharged, if you still leave it connected in, it will certainly start to shed power once again. For ideal outcomes, it is advisable to detach it from the battery charger as soon as it’s totally recharged.
  • Many batteries are going to endure a couple of months before you will likely have to acquire a brand new one. This is supplied you care for it effectively and also typically aren’t continuously over-charging it . We have a excellent option of batteries and also the majority of them work with all our e-cigarettes as they all utilize the exact same 510 thread.

* Unclean Connectors:

  • As mentioned in the atomizer part previous, see to it the battery connector end is additionally clear and also dry.
  • Wipe it frequently.
  • If the battery connection end has e-liquid or gunk on it while being charged, it will certainly not charge up effectively in the recharging cable. If the battery end is also a little bit greasy it will not operate effectively whenever connected to the clearomizer .
  • This additionally involves the charge link itself. Make certain the port end of the charge cable is cleansed on a regular basis.
  • Battery Continue to Will not Recharge?

* KEEP IN MIND: The following little point could quite easily capture you unaware.

I in times past have had a battery in which seemed to be clear and also really looked to be totally charged up. The charge lights moved from red to green as well as I had definitely left it recharging for the advised 3-5 hrs. I would after that tighten it back on my cleaned up atty system as well as vaporize it. The darned thing would only last approximately just one hr then it would begin flashing, suggesting it had actually lost power. And YES … it truly had actually gone out of energy. I thought to myself this is a foolish battery. Exactly how could it be lifeless so promptly? I only had this particular battery for a couple of days. Regardless, I would re-energize it time and again. Every time the darned battery would lack its charge right after no more than an hr.

Eventually I chose to clean up the battery end extensively with a towel and also some isopropyl alcohol. Despite the fact that it absolutely appeared spotless, I washed it nevertheless. I additionally cleansed the charge line connection ends well.

This time around soon after I re-charged the battery, the it lasted 2 complete days. Even longer than any type of battery I had ever before made use of until now. It was repaired, impressive. I believed that battery was undoubtedly a loser. It turned out that it was simply a little bit of grit or something. It was so little I can not also check it out. Which sufficed to stop it from becoming totally charged up. Although the charger light showed it was completely charged up by shining green, it really had not been.

Take note of this experience and also do not definitely rely on exactly what the light states. Constantly power up your battery for a minimum of 3 hrs. Make certain the connection ends are completely spick-and-span on your battery end, as well as the charge cable end.


* Save in Coldish Location:.

  • Maintain batteries in moderate, darkened location.
  • If revealed to heating the battery could probably be compromised.
  • You should always separate batteries from unit whenever saving.
  • You should always have packed away batteries with a bit of charge.
  • Save the whole entire vapor cigarette in a chill shaded spot. Subjection to warmth or ice cold for any kind of duration of time may create dripping or other types of concerns.


* Never ever Over-Tighten the Connectors:.

Not just could this quite easily burr the threading, over-tightening the battery in the USB battery charger may likewise trigger the charging cord or battery to fail.


3/ Seeping Concerns.

Electronic cigarette generally are able to seep. That’s right they could. The following are some likely causes your e cig might be seeping. Some ideas to fix the concern and also protect against the discharging from taking place in the initial area. Obviously each brand name as well as each specific unit may have distinct degrees of vulnerable areas to these aspects. In general these ideas may use to most makes and also versions. Attempt to follow them as long as you can.

  • Filling up the tank– One of the most usual reason for electronic cigarette dripping is splashing a little bit of the e-juice down the core lines of the tank. This may take place whenever filling up the tank. (This will likely create discharging and also bubbling, as well as it will certainly enter your mouth– goo!). Be exceptionally vigilant to make certain the liquid trickles down the edge of the cavity staying clear of any kind of dripping in the center air hose. I have actually directly located that some gadgets in fact operate better just filled up half way . For ideal outcomes, you will certainly should try out your certain gadget, as each has its very own specs. #However– Many units run advisable with a great quantity of e-juice in the container. S, o maintaining them chock-full at all times is most likely to minimize the prospect of dripping. Please do explore your specific unit to identify just what quantity of volume it operates finest with.
  • Having your electronic cigarette with liquid in it as well as not utilizing it– Yes, this is one more usual trigger for vapor cigarette leaking. If you are not going to be operating your vapor cigarette for a day or 2 or even longer, be absolutely certain to clear it. There are a number of factors for this involving environment adjustments, gravity and also technical reasons. As a guideline of thumb, abide by this suggestion and also you will not have any type of concerns. If for some factor you do keep it with a bit of liquid in it for some amount of time, be certain it is resting upside down .
  • Specialized operation– If you somewhat cross-thread, over-tighten or under-tighten the items of your gadget, it might surely lead to a little bit of seeping. Be cautious if taking apart and also re-attaching the little bits and parts of your unit that you do it only.
  • Extremes in hot and cold temperature– Revealing your vapor cigarette to way too much warmth or way too much freezing environments might create it to drip. Never ever leave behind your gadget ( particularly if it has e-juice in it) revealed to guide warmth or cold. That suggests on the dash of your vehicle, outside in the drizzle, snowfall or freezing, near a heating system, in the chiller and the like.
  • E-Juice blend– And right here’s a suggestion! If you happen to reside in warm or chilly environment and also just can’t get away from these extremes, aim to create your e-juice combination consist of added VG to PG. That is due to the fact that VG is more thick as well as much less prone to leakage. PG is a whole lot extra drippy and also thinner so can be more probable to come across the voids as well as slip out throughout your brand new tee shirt. See all the ingredients contained in e-juice.
  • Hits, tears, flex and also high pressure– An additional usual reason for e cigarette seapages is since the tool has actually been literally changed. This could be brought on by resting on it, dropping it, striking it, abusing it, merely leaving it in the unsuitable area. Or maybe just good old damage. Typically this would be where the clearomizer and also the tank are collaborated. (The glass or plastic will somewhat raise from the steel as well as permit liquid to leak out.) This can be extremely small as well as tough to observe. It could quite easily be dealt with by literally pressurizing it with each other as snug as entirely possible. An additional feasible change that could happen and also trigger dripping is if the entire clearomizer is curved somewhat wonky from any one of its conjoins. Inspect your tool and also meticulously re-position back in position.
  • O-Rings as well as Seals– An additional typical reason your e ciggie could be dripping is since the o-ring has really been placed askew. It might likewise be damaged or simply broken. It is additionally feasible it may have gone entirely as well as dropped. The o-ring is a tiny rubber seal that holds the e-juice firmly inside the atomizer tank. There is an o-ring on each of the ends. One where the mouth bit connects with the tank, as well as one where the casing connects to the clearomizer system. Very carefully inspect your units o-rings as well as ensure they remain in good condition as well as remaining square in the place they ought to be. Typically re-positioning your connector joins, as well as securing your o-ring square in position will certainly repair the concern. If the o-ring is in fact damaged or missing out on, it could be time for a brand-new clearomizer. Some designs likewise have a rubber or plastic seal that could come to be dropped or broken. Attempt re-positioning this seal to fit in good and tight or perhaps switching it inverted as well as re-positioning it like that. You might likewise attempt installing a 2nd seal besides the initial making it a lot more air tight. (See 2nd video clip listed below where a lady is doing solely that with her Evod clearomizer).


Familiar Dripping Issues and also Tips to Treat the Issue

This video clip discusses some typical e cig discharging concerns and also presents some effective pointers. This concerns the evod mt3, x9, x6, Head electronic cigarette, Topbox and also a few of the Ego vapor cigarettes.


Is Your Evod Seeping or Gurgling?

This video clip reveals a straightforward pointer to repair an Evod version kind electronic cigarette from a dripping as well as gurgling concern.


CE5 Seeping Right into Mouth?

In the video clip mentioned above, a person proves to you the best ways to change the mouth item of the Ego CE5 to repair a dripping problem where the liquid enters your mouth. You understand that wallop? Well this suggestion will certainly remedy it.


Topbox Leakage?

Oh no way … my brand-new Topbox is discharging!

This is a uncommon incident however there is often a engineering flaw in this version and that can be quite easily remedied. On a few of the Topbox coil units there is a extremely tiny section of the real coil wire that sticks out from below the rubber seal. As a result of this, it leaves a slight space where the liquid may escape from. To mend this problem, you merely find the projecting line and pressure it back in a little bit. If you can not do that, you could cut a small bit of the piece of the line off, to make sure that it fits snug beneath the seal and also does not extend. View the video clip just above to see specifically the best ways to deal with a discharging Topbox mini tank.


4/ Scorched Flavor as well as Dry Hit Concerns.

A dry hit is a problem that may take place to any type of e-cigarette at some time of its lifetime. See my guide on ways to vape that has even more details on dry hits. A dry hit induces your vape to taste burned and also is somewhat yucky. This takes place whenever the liquid is not gushing properly to your coil and also the wick is becoming charred rather than simply the liquid within it. As soon as this occurs the gadget will certainly continuously make dry hits till you take care of it. Typically a pretty good cleanse should mend it. Get any type of lumps or gunk from the holes in the coil as well as atomizer head to ensure that liquid gushes correctly once more. (See the cleansing guidelines in the previous areas just above).


3 Probable Root causes for Dry Hits.

There are 3 aspects that might generate a dry hit, so find out exactly what these are so you may take steps to avoid a dry hit from taking place to begin with.

  1. If your e-cig tank is losing liquid as well as wick withers.– answer is to make sure to keep your tank filled.
  2. Your e-juice has too great a degree of VG ( veggie glycerine).– remedy is to add even more PG in the blend.
  3. The coil has grit on it that lessens the taste and also produces a scorched flavor.– Option is to either cleanse the coil or far better still, substitute the coil.


I trust these vapor cigarette damage control ideas have really solved your queries and also enable you to take care of these irksome electronic cigarette concerns efficiently!


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