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The Key Ingredients for E-Liquids

Have you ever given a thought of what your e-liquid 
contains? Probably there are times that you are left wondering about the 
components used to make your vape juice. Equipping yourself with this information is 
essential as you will be able to know the exact substances that are going into 
your body.

If you are a vape user, you might have heard some 
rumors about it. Some sources claim that it contains toxic chemicals which are 
worse than cigarettes. This is false since e-liquids from reputable vendors contain 
healthy ingredients only (such as Vape Juice NZ). Let’s look at 
some of these elements that are in a quality e-cigarette.


Propylene Glycol (PG)


This is the primary ingredient that forms an 
e-liquid. It is known for an instant impact that it can have on the throat. Propylene 
Glycol is approved by the FDA, meaning that it is safe for human consumption. 
In fact, most foods and skin care products contain this ingredient. This, 
therefore, tells you that you may be unknowingly interacting with it in your 
daily life.

PG is tasteless 
and odorless hence cannot have an impact on whichever flavor of e-juice that 
you are taking. Its thinness helps to prolong the lifespan of the cartridge as 
it also serves as a preservative. In most cases, PG is combined with Vegetable 
Glycerine to give the e-liquid a better taste. However, some users tend to be 
allergic to PG. In such incidences, VG is used as a perfect alternative.


Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerine is another commonly used 
ingredient in the making of most e-liquids. As the name suggests, it is a 
natural substance that is obtained from plants. This means that it cannot cause 
any harm to its users. In fact, it is a common ingredient in everyday household 
products such as lotions, toothpaste, shampoos, medicine and even some food.

VG is more viscous than PG. However, when they are 
used together, they complement each other’s qualities. The thick VG is combined 
with the thin PG to produce a smooth vapor to give the throat a soothing 
feeling. VG has a relatively sweeter taste than PG and is usually used to add 
some flavor to the e-cigarettes.

Most people prefer e-liquids that are rich in VG, 
and this could be due to its thickness and sweet flavor. However, the drawback of such a vape is a 
short life span. For this reason, they are diluted with PG to increase the 
lifespan of cartridges.

PG and VG are usually diluted with specific 
quantities of water, then topped up with other ingredients to produce a 
powerful and efficient e-cigarette.


3. Non-Oil Food Grade Flavorings

Blueberry Vape Juice NZ
Blueberry Vape Juice NZ

Various flavors that you consume on a daily basis 
are also used in e-liquids. Of course, most of them are safe and are approved 
by the FDA. However, you need to be wary as some unscrupulous vendors tend to 
use harmful flavors. To avoid falling into such traps, scrutinize the e-liquid 
that you want to buy to be sure of the flavor that it contains. Ensure that your e-cigarette does not have 
any elements of oil-based flavorings. Also, stay away from vendors who are 
putting it in their e-vapes.


4.  Nicotine

Bucket of nicotine

The main reason why you are addicted to your 
cigarette is due to the presence of nicotine. For this reason, you should 
expect any cigarette-like product to contain this substance. Although nicotine 
attracts lots of controversies due to its health effects, it is better to take 
it in vape form than directly smoking it through the traditional cigarette. 
Apart from the convenience, this could be another reason why e-liquids are 
considered as the safe options. They 
also don’t have a pack of other dangerous chemicals that you find in the 

When buying e-liquids, you will notice that the 
bottles are labeled with different quantities such as omg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg 
going upwards. So, what do these numbers mean? They simply tell a user the 
amount of nicotine contained in the vape juice. The content of nicotine in 
e-liquids is measured in terms of milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml). This means 
that each milliliter of the liquid that you buy contains a specified amount of 

Your daily smoking habit determines the quantity of 
nicotine that you can take. Most e-liquid fans prefer choosing the 12mg and 
24mg nicotine content. It is crucial that you consider the safety levels to 
avoid consuming excess nicotine.

Learn more about the nicotine part of e-juice here.


Ingredients Which May Pose a Danger

The above mentioned are the basic ingredients that 
most e-liquids have. However, various 
other components are added to e-cigarettes to improve their flavor and to 
increase the lifespan of cartridges or tanks. These ingredients may include:

-Acetyl, acetoin, diacetyl, and propionyl: Some 
vendors add these elements, mainly because of their excellent taste. Beneath 
their sweetness lies potential health risks. They can cause a health condition 
known as popcorn lung. This malady can cause the blockage of airways, thereby 
affecting the normal flow of oxygen in the body. However this can only happen when using an especially powerful sub-ohm box mod with extremely high voltages and wattage. These are the sort of devices only used by professional vapers in cloud chasing competitions.

-Cinnamon Borderline: Some years ago, the use of 
cinnamon flavors in e-cigarettes attracted equal measures of supporters and 
critics. Some scientists claimed that cinnamon based flavors are cytotoxic 
(damage the body cells). The news spread so fast to a point where a significant 
percentage of e-liquid users boycotted cinnamon flavored liquids. However, 
another study proved that the flavor is harmless and the initial research was 
quite misleading.

See our article on vape research and studies for some great resources and papers regarding potential safety risks of vaping, e-liquids, and e-cigarettes.


Sweet and Delicious

E-liquids are known for giving users a new and 
better experience, something that traditional cigarettes cannot do. Forget 
about the nauseating and pungent smell of cigarettes. Here you are guaranteed 
of enjoying each moment that you take the e-liquid. Their smooth texture can be 
felt in your throat.

To make things better, there is a wide variety of e-juice 
flavors that you can choose from. The vendors of these products have it in 
their minds that what tastes good for one person may be horrible for another. 
It is also imperative to note that the taste of some e-liquids matures with 
age. The longer they stay after being 
manufactured, the tastier they get. E-liquids also come with unlimited freedom. 
If you don’t like what you have just bought, you can sell it or exchange it for 

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