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Vaping in New Zealand – An In Depth Overview

Ever since its introduction, vaping has replaced smoking in most parts of the world thanks to stylish outlook complemented by an array of benefits. You may like to read our article about what e-cigarettes are and vaping in general. New Zealand was one of the places that embraced vaping, and the government has taken it seriously considering the high number of deaths caused by cigarette smoking. Earlier on in March, the Associate Health Minister Nicky Wagner, unveiled the government’s plan to legalize e-cigarettes.

This law is also part of the government’s plan to make New Zealand a smoke-free country by the year 2025. She further stated that this decision by the government was reached as a consensus when the parties involved weighed between the safeties of cigarette smoking compared to vaping. What’s more, the cost of cigarettes has risen significantly over the past few years.

Many people in New Zealand welcomed this move both because of the health benefits involved as well as the business opportunity it presented. Unfortunately, all products are not created equal, and with DIY instructions for making e-juice all over the internet, many people have become professionals all of a sudden. In spite of this, we guarantee the best quality e-juice in New Zealand because we only use high-quality ingredients and make our product in a clean and safe environment.


New Zealanders Flock To E-Cigarettes

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More and more people in New Zealand are opting for vaping as opposed to cigarette smoking and the regular smokers have switched in large numbers. This move is not only prompted by the progressive tax increase on cigarettes by the government but the control that comes with e-cigarettes. As such, shops that sell e-juice are popping up almost in every area of the country and not even local convenience stores are being left behind.


Checking E-Liquid Ingredients

Still, make sure that the e-liquid you purchase passes all the tests required by law for quality products. Our products range in variety with each flavor designed to elicit any desired feeling. We have vape juice with high, regular, light, extra light, and no nicotine. Not to mention, our addition of natural and verified ingredients as natural flavors presents you with a wide range of satisfying options. We also combine these elements to create some unique and quenching recipes. See exactly what goes into e-juices.


Increasing Number of Kiwi Shops Selling Vaping Products

While the government is working hard to push for the legalization of e-cigarettes, which will prompt an increase in the production of vape juice, research institutes are also digging deeper into this widespread form of smoking that gives the user power over both the nicotine content and the flavors used. Retailers are admitting to having witnessed a revolution regarding cigarette smoking in New Zealand as more and more people throng their stores in search of the perfect flavor.


NZ Government Aiming To Eliminate Smoking

All cigarette smokers have had that weird moment when they have to stand outside alone or fake a walk around the house just to get a puff or two. That’s not the hard part, getting back to the house with the offensive cigarette odor all over you that can actually push some people away and deal a blow to your self-confidence. However, with vaping, you don’t need to go outside to puff a cigarette during those crucial family gatherings. The bad smell is replaced with an aroma of choice, and the clothes retain the same odor they had before vaping. Besides, you don’t have to worry about yellow fingers or smelly hair anymore. A lot of smokers have black lips due to the tar deposited after cigarette smoking. Fortunately, there is no such thing in vaping with all the ingredients designed to maintain your lip health.

Another reason why e-cigarettes are being so widely accepted in New Zealand is the involvement of The Ministry of Health. By deciding to promote the smoking of e-cigarettes to help New Zealand’s 550,000 daily smokers, the government has encouraged the production and distribution of vape juice to the delight of millions across the country. That being said, the government also encourages the proper use of these products seeing how easily they are available to teenagers under 18 years.


Vaping is Healthier Than Smoking

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Just recently, the Cochrane Review stated smoking e-cigarettes could help smokers quit the real thing as the nicotine contained in most vape juice flavors is not appealing to nonsmokers. On the flipside, with vaping, you not only get to dictate the levels of nicotine you fancy in your e-cigarette but also navigate your journey towards a nicotine-free smoking experience. In doing so, your lungs perform better, and your skin replenishes itself after halting regular smoking. Our products are also cheap enabling you to invest that extra buck on something meaningful. learn about the facts verses the myths of e-liquids, vaping and e-cigarettes.


Vaping is Cheaper Than smoking

Cigarette smokers in New Zealand are also taking to vaping as opposed to the former due to the extra bucks they get to save after purchasing e-liquid. For less than $100, you can stock up enough vape juice to last you over three months. Spending $20 on cigarettes for the same period will cost you well over $1,800. That’s enough money to start a project at home or promote your business further.

While New Zealand lawmakers are working on a bill to limit the sale of e-cigarettes only to pharmacies, local merchants are the ones making a killing at the moment. However, while this move by the government will oversee a reduction in the unlawful distribution of these products, it will also prompt a rise in the number of traditional smokers. As such, most smokers and retailers as well are against this move by the New Zealand government.


E-Cigarettes Offer More Freedom to NZder’s Than Traditional Combustion Cigarettes

According to the latest research, vaping is 95% safer than smoking. If you are trying to quit smoking or desire to smoke more freely, switching to e-cigarettes is the best method at the moment. Along with our products, you can enjoy a life-changing experience and join the millions of people in New Zealand kicking smoking to the curb. Refilling can be a hard task for most vapers, but it is a natural process to learn over time. Learn exactly how to quit smoking with the help of e-cigarettes.

Most institutions are also flexible when it comes to e-cigarette smoking in their facilities. As such, unlike smoking which required designated areas, people in New Zealand are vaping almost anywhere with no reported cases of irritation or air pollution for non-smokers. Still, if you are not sure about e-cigarette vaping in a particular area, ask before indulging yourself. Lastly, learn how to vape correctly and how to re-assemble your vaporizer or e-cigarette correctly after refilling. You might also be interested to learn about potential problems e-cigarettes can have too.


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